shakedown2getsum – Phillip O

New EP by Phillip O available @ bandcamp.



Phillip O delivers fresh House Music on a new and exclusive 3 track release.

On his first official release in over three years, the producer from Colombia brings new material under his Phillip O moniker, and does so loaded with exquisite House Music grooves, intended for late night affairs,

The release starts off with ‘Work It’, setting up a sort of vibe reminiscent to a mixture of classic Deep House from Chicago with a hint of Uk Garage.

The title track is a Bass-lacking House-tool groover with a straight up classic House vibe. the sustained sampled strings amp up the tension and surrender mercilessly to the playful chords while the percussion keeps the interest throughout this killer DJ tool.

The release ends with the strong “No Matter What”, a Bass heavy, highly shuffly track.

This is no doubt the best work to date by the elusive Colombian producer.


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